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Curriculum vitae

Ansioluettelo - avaa suomeksi



  • Born 1931 in Viipuri-Vyborg, Finland.
  • Lives and works in Pälkäne, Finland.

Languages:  Finnish, Swedish, German, Italien, English, (French).

Education Wide range of disciplines at the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere 1954-1964. Reserve officers´ school 1956; first lieutenant 1976. Management institute; many courses 1962-1975. Open college of Pälkäne, oil paintig course, 1973-1975.

Educational visits, congresses and symposiums

Switzerland 1954, 1976.  DDR 1969.  Sweden 1972.  Italy 2002.

Vocational experience

University assistant, otherwise mainly administrative posts, retired as divisional manager of NOKIA Corporation. Initiation into pictorial arts without any studies in that area, from the summer of 1992.

Prizes awarded

University of Tampere, I Price in graphics, 1967. Schweizerfreunde in Finnland, silver medal, 1999.
Italy, Jesolo, I Price in abstract art, 2004. 
Cultural price of Pälkäne commune, 2006.
Tribe Alliance of Tavastlandia, bronze medal for merit, 2006. Artoteque, Diploma of excellence, London, 2007.
Olympic Fine Arts 2008 exhibition, Beijing, China, gold medal.
IV Concorso di San Nicolò, Mira, Italy, honorable mention in poetry, 2009.
International Art Award, Accademia Italia in Arte, Brindisi, Italy, 2016

Grants awarded

Jalmari Finne Foundation 1980 and 2002.
Pirkanmaa Region, Commission of Art, 2012

Exhibitions: see ansioluettelo, taiteellinen työ

Works in collections

Art Museum of Emil Cedercreutz, Harjavalta, Finland, 1994. Detroit´s Museum of New Art (MONA) 2001.   
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, USA.
Futurmuseum ( Rome, Italy 2002 and 2003.
Carrer Mail Art Collection, Milan, Italy 2002.
L´Archivio Internazionale Mail Art 2002.
Postal Museum, Helsinki, Finland  2004.
Haifa Museums (The National Maritime Museum), Haifa, Israel,
World Museum, Barindelli Collection, Milan, Italy 2007.
Words of Light Mail Art Blog USA  2007.
Poster Museum, Lahti, Finland 2007.
Museo Internaçionale de neu art, Courtenay BC, Canada 2007. Pinacoteca Local, Zarzuela del Monte, Segovia, Spain 2008. L´Ospedale di Pescara, Pescara, Italy 2009.
Olympic Museum of Sarajevo, 2010.
Commune of Pälkäne, Finland, 2013


Société des amis de la Fondation Maeght, France.
World Monuments Fund, USA.
Senior member of Finnish Association of Communications Professionals.
President of European Cultural Association ( Finland)1998-2008. Honorary President >.
Board Member of the Finroart XXI Foundation (reg. in Rumania)1996-2012.
Peggy Guggenheim Collection Membership, Italy.
International Honorary Artistic Committee, Greece, 2007.
Member of IUOMA 2008-.
President of Olympia Fine Arts Association OFAA 2008-2011, vice-president 2011-2014.
World Art Games, National Committee of Finland, president 1.7.2012-30.6.2013.
Worldwide Artists, 2014-
Honorary Board of World Art Games, Croatia, 2014-2017
Maestro d´arte associato onorario e benemerito, Associazione
                                     Culturale "Italia in Arte", Italy, 2015
Biennale Austria, Künstlerverein, Wien, Austria, 2015
International Art Award, Accademia Italia in Arte, Brindisi, Italy, 2016

Catalogues and registers
Art Diary International (Milan), 1999-.
Catalogo Mail Art 7, 40 years of Mail Art, Italy, 2002.
Catalogo La Biennale di Venezia, 2003.
Catalogo of Brain Academy Apartment, Biennale of Venice, 2003. Europa in Arte Catalogo Internazionale d´Arte Contemporanea 2006-2007
Il catalogo/Concorso internazionale d´arte/un menù per la Colomba. 
Portofolio di Tracce, Cahiers d´art Edizione d´Arte personalizzata. Art, Life & Vision -catalogue from Penang, Malaysia, 2009.


Own Gallery ExG in Pälkäne, from 2007. 


Chairman of the council of the student body while studying in Tampere.
President of Round Table of Nokia (RT-56) 1969.
Member of Tampere City Council 1969-1972.
The Tampere Chamber of Commerce, member in one committee 1978-1980.
Candidate for European Parliament 1996.
Several texts, stories and columns in various papers and magazines - even in Switzerland and Italy - free-lance journalist starting from the 60s.
Chief editor of Nokia Kirjeitä 1975-1980.
A book (472 pages) 2005 and an other book (880 pages) 2015.